Underground, Bonn-Muffendorf, Germany

Title: "I want that cassette!"
Label: none
Sound quality: good audience for its age and the dubious venue (improving strongly after 90 seconds)
Lineage: TDK audio tapes (5th gen.) > playback on Harman Kardon TD 212 > audacity > you

Not commercially released by the band.

Setlist (not sure about the correct names)

01 - tuning and microphone adjustment 1:24
02 - Blown Away 9:52
03 - announcement > The Thunder And Lightning Kid 6:39
04 - banter and tuning (tape flip after song) 0:50
05 - banter and tuning > C' Mon (cut) 20:29
06 - C' Mon ctd. (tape flip after song) 10:05
07 - "I want that cassette" (taper's trouble with some crew member) 1:28
08 - Four Days Louise 6:31
09 - banter and tuning 1:15
10 - Hard Way To Live 4:24
11 - Spunk Box 19:59
12 - Bananas (cut in the end) 15:42

Total: almost 100 minutes

Different from 90 % of my uploads on DIME I did not tape this show by myself - I got the tapes years or decades ago in a snail mail with a fellow deadhead. They were one of only a handful of MAN shows in my collection - but also the crown jewel of my collection. Well, as a matter of fact it was a crown jewel I totally forgot of when I moved to another village years ago. I just found the tapes again last week while rearranging my tape stash.
First I wasn't sure if this show was already in circulation so I hesitated to upload it here. I asked a few Man experts who really knew about the show and could confirm the date - but the unearthed recording sounded new to them. And I could't find an entry it on etree, too.
So, finally I transferred it on my hard drive and here it is: I left everything as it was and decided not to fade in or out or mess around with the sound at all. So anybody who has a different tape of this show - maybe with a better lineage and more complete - can do a matrix or even improve the sound which is sometimes very rough (but honest). The taper stopped the recording a few times inbetween (maybe to save space). He also had to change tapes inbetween. During C' Mon he also changed the tape, so there is a small gap (that's why I chose to divide into two seperate tracks). Bananas cuts in the end, so the last few minutes are missing. Maybe there are also some songs missing inbetween or in the end, and maybe the songs are not in the correct order, maybe some were left out while copying - I don't know. But the Manband was late for the show, so with its 100 minutes this could well be a short but nonetheless complete concert (almost).
But anyway, Man, I love this show!
My humble attempt for a CD cover is also attached here.

There are only few recordings from that legendary venue, the Underground in Bonn-Muffendorf in circulation.
I have already heared of Guru Guru, Nektar, Birth Control and Eloy at least - but there must be many many more (Magma, Krokodil, Wind, Scorpions, Earth And Fire and dozends more). If you know any of them, please, share your rarities!

Have fun! And NO MP3, please (unless you don't believe in reincarnation)!
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And watch out for my previous uploads in the extra text file.