JBs, Dudley, UK
May 11, 1985

Disc 1
[ C'mon - not recorded]
1. Long Holiday 4:37
2. What a Night 4:48
3. Jumping Like a Kangaroo 6:12
4. Perfect Strangers 3:28
5. Back Together Again 4:21
6. Hard Way to Die 7:20
7. Manillo 5:26
8. Talk About a Morning 10:34
9. Last Birthday Party 4:48
10. The Ride and the View 11:08
Total 62:41

Disc 2
1. Asylum 5:40
2. A Hard Way to Live 4:00
3. Many Are Called But Few Get Up 16:25
4. Bananas 10:07
5. Romain 5:52
Total 42:04

Manband: Micky, Deke, Martin, Pugwash

My lineage: 2 x CD-R > EAC > Wavs > FLAC Front End > FLAC


Took a Maxell UL 120 tape along with me on the night, in the hope that old mate RW would be doing the mixing. He was, the band gave permission, so the whole gig (with the exception of the first number C'mon) got taped through the soundboard. For some reason on the first 6 songs Deke's guitar is very faint, but during Manillo it all goes on track. It goes astray again during Bananas. That said, the second half of the gig is excellent.

I sent the tape to MM last year who couldn't completely solve Deke's guitar, but made definate improvements. He re-mastered the whole thing which is what I have now. MM also has a copy.

I don't know if dedications are a done thing on Dime, but if they are, give a nod to Iain (Sam) Chapman. 3/11/61-21/4/12. He was me brother, and got me into the dressing room after the gig, when I got to meet, roll, and joke with the men. He can be heard shouting 'Spunk Rock!' loudly between tracks. Much missed...
Any credit for the tapes should go to the band and not me. It was their genorosity to a complete stranger that made this recording possible.


Master soundboard c120 cassette (patching from 1st gen copy) both azimuth corrected > M-Audio Transit > PC > Adobe Audition > 2 x CD-R

There were two major problems that had to be addressed. The first was that Deke's guitar was very low in the mix, particularly the first half of the show. The stereo image was widened in Audition, and then EQ'ed and the stereo spectrum reworked. I ended up with four different versions of the recording using different combinations, and chose what I thought sounded the best.

Secondly, some time ago, the master cassette had been chewed up and the damage repaired by cutting out the affected area and splicing the tape back together. This meant that 'The Ride & The View' and 'A Hard Way To Live' had approx. 1 minute missing. Fortunately the taper had made a 'best of ' tape before the damage took place and the two tracks were on it. These were speed corrected and EQ'd and the missing portions patched in.

Apart from a smoothing of volume levels here and there, and some very light hiss reduction the only other action taken was to speed correct and EQ the beginning of 'Bananas'. This sounded like the 'best of' tape version had been re-recorded back on the master tape. I don't know why this might have been done.


NB The latest of Esoteric Recordings' extended remasters of Man's back catalogue is "The Welsh Connection", released August 5, 2013.

'The Welsh Connection' (2 Disc Deluxe Edition)

Esoteric Recordings are pleased to announce the release of MAN�s classic 1976 album 'The Welsh Connection'.

This edition has been newly remastered from the original master tapes and features the bonus track �I�m a Love taker�, along with the entire recording of Man�s concert at The Keystone, Berkeley, California on 9th August 1976. The concert also saw guest John Cipollina from Quicksilver Messenger Service join the band on the last four songs of their set.

The set also features a lavishly illustrated booklet with new essay.

Disc One

1. The Ride And The View
2. Out Of Your Head
3. Love Can Find A Way
4. The Welsh Connection
5. Something Is Happening
6. Car Toon
7. Born With A Future
8. I�m A Love Taker (B-Side Of Single)

Live Keystone, Berkeley, California, 9th August 1976:

9. Let The Good Times Roll
10. 7171 551
11. Hard Way To Die
12. The Welsh Connection
13. Something Is Happening

Disc Two

1. The Ride And The View
2. Out Of Your Head
3. Born With A Future
4. C�mon
5. Many Are Called, But Few Get Up
6. Babe, I�m Gonna Leave You
7. A Hard Way To Live
8. Romain
9. Bananas

Our Price: �11.99


See for more info, and to place an order.

Next up from Esoteric: "All's Well That Ends Well"