24. October 1996
Zotzenbach, Germany

AUDIENCE-DAT-Master>Analog-Master-tapes (in a trade)>Sony D6 used for the transfer; Azimuth adjustment done>EDIROL-R09 (via line-in)>USB>HD>CDWav>FLAC'd, Level 8 with TLH>2CDR's (AUDIO) or CDR (FLAC)

AUD-DAT Master recorded by Ralph G. using a (unknown) DAT Recorder with self-built mics mounted in a cap.

with a 06',50'' minute long patch in 'Many Are Called' from an AUDIENCE unknown Gen.-version, seeded by markdav on DIME on 31.08.2008

Micky Jones
Martin Ace
Phil Ryan
Terry Williams

01. C�mon
02. Call Down The Moon
03. The Man With X-Ray Eyes
04. Drivin' Around
05. Heaven And Hell

CD 2
06. Manillo
07. Computer Generated Woman
08. Dream Away
09. Many Are Called But Few Get Up (with patch)
10. Bananas
11. Romain

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