Herzberg Open Air, Breitenbach, Hessia, Germany

Title: "The Morning Show"
Label: none
Sound quality: good audience
Lineage: Master DAT (AUD) > copy on Maxell XL II tape (2/2000) > playback on Harman Kardon TD 212 (5/2013) > audacity > you

Don't really remember if it was my own DAT recording (which I know I did, so I'm almost sure it was) or if it was another one that was sent to me by mail. But the lineage is correct, anyway. I'm sure that if it was mine I erased the master DAT the following year for the Herzberg shows 1999 because I needed quite a lot of tapes there. If it was somebody else's DAT I sent it back to him.
This upload should be an upgrade to the other version in circulation: first of all because it's the complete show (5 minutes longer that the one I know of) and second the speed is absolutely correct (hopefully)!
A different version of this show is in circulation (at least on CDR) - but with a wrong date on the cover (1999-07-19).

Not commercially released by the band.

Setlist (complete!)

01 - The Ride & The View
02 - C' Mon
03 - Do It
04 - Many Are Called But Few Get Up
05 - banter and tuning
06 - Bananas > Drum Solo > Romain (Encore)
07 - announcement by KB

Total: almost 72 minutes

This is the complete Sunday morning show. There were some technical problems the other day and so MAN (instead of playing Saturday night and open end) had to open on Sunday morning. They had to do another show the same day in Herrenwies (Blackforest) so they only played about 70 minutes. Nonetheless -as you can imagine - it was a great way to start the day...
If anybody taped Herrenwies it would be interesting to listen to both shows from that day. So, this is "the morning show" - how about "the late night show"?

Have fun! And NO MP3, please (unless you don't believe in reincarnation)!
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And watch out for my previous uploads in the extra text file.

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