Man - The Half Moon - Putney UK 22nd Feb 2015

Man are;
Martin Ace - Bass & Vocals
Phil Ryan - Keyboards & Vocals
James Beck - Guitar & Vocals
Josh Ace - Guitar & Vocals
Rene Robrahn - Drums

Guest - BJ Cole - Pedal Steel

Track List

1. In Time
2. Spunk Rock
3 Chat
4. Nothin Fails Like Sucess
5. Ballad Of Billy Lee
6. One More Ride On The Waltzers
7. We Know
8. C'mon
9. Ordinary Man
10. ??? Dream Away ???
11. ???
12. Many Are Called But Few Get Up
13. Why Am I So Lonely
14. Romain
15. Bananas

Great to see BJ Cole guesting on a couple of tracks - especially Bananas - Bananas with Pedal steel - that's one crossed off my bucket list.

New Album Renaimated Memories was due to be launched at the gig but the product failed to arrive on time - order now from your favourite record store if your lucky enough to have one!

Recorded using Olympus LS12
Edited and track splits with Wave Repair and Flac files created with Traders Little Helper

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