Man - The Half Moon - Putney UK 28th Feb 2016
(The UK Tour - 1 gig)

Man are:
Martin Ace - Bass & Vocals
Phil Ryan - Keyboards & Vocals
James Beck - Guitar & Vocals
Josh Ace - Guitar & Vocals
Rene Robrahn - Drums

Stuuning gig of old favourites and tracks from the latest Man album - Reanimated Memories. Great to see Phil Ryan fully recovered from his recent stroke in fine voice, and James Beck is truly up there with the legendary guitar players that have graced Man over the years.

Track List (corrections gratefully received) and please feel free to share this recording on any other sharing site.

1. Many Are Called But Few Get Up
2. I Always Thought The Walrus Was Protected
3. Nothin Fails Like Sucess
4. Ballad Of Billy Lee
5. We Know
6. In Time> Romain
7. Do It
8. Dream Away
9. One More Ride On The Waltzers
10. Ordinary Man
11. Spunk Rock
12. C'Mon
13. Bananas

To Green Ray fans:Sorry I missed the gig last Friday.But I will be recording the next Green Ray gig on March 18th - The Betsy Trotwood, Farringdon (with Brainiac 5)-
hopefully see some of you there.

Recorded using Olympus LS12
Edited and track splits with Wave Repair and Flac files created with Traders Little Helper