The Cipollina Rehearsals 1975

Micky Jones
Deke Leonard
Terry Williams
Martin Ace

with John Cipollina

This is a GEM!
MAN were touring the States in March/April 1975 as a four-piece with Ken Whaley on bass. When Ken left the band half-way through, the call was put out to Martin Ace, who duly flew over. The band went into rehearsal at the Sausalito Heliport in San Francisco. According to Deke's book "Rhinos Winos & Lunatics", John Cipollina turned up at one of these rehearsals and jammed with them. The band invited John to play on the Maximum Darkness tour. Track 1 is nearly 17 minutes of MAN jamming with John Cipollina.
Tracks 2 - 7 are from a pre-Maximum Darkness tour rehearsal at Shepperton, 8 May 1975.
Track 8 is a John Cipollina radio interview. I don't know the name of the station, or the date, but it's post-tour.
The above information is correct to the best of my knowledge, and I welcome any further details or corrections.

The sound quality is very good.
Lineage: cassettes (unknown gen) > WAV > CDR > WAV (EQ and volume levels using Soundforge 8.0) > FLAC
Samples included.

01 Heliport Jam (16:57)
02 Many are Called but Few Get Up (11:04)
03 Bananas (10:19)
04 Bigelow 6-9000 (4:37)
05 Razorblade and Rattlesnake (4:40)
06 C'mon (20:02)
07 Hard Way to Live (3:12)
08 John Cipollina Interview (5:46)