Man & John Cipollina - KSAN FM, Savoy Theater, San Francisco, California, August 4th 1976, 1st night, 1st gen. reel to reel, new transfer.

1. Intro > Babe,I'm Gonna Leave You
2. The Ride & the View
3. Hard Way to Live
4. Spunk Box
5. The Welsh Connection
6. A Hard Way To Die
7. Something Is Happening
8. You're Out Of Your Head
9. Many are Called But Few Get Up
10. Romain

Definetly a nice upgrade compared to what is in circulation...not the best FM,
but pretty good....enjoy it....

1st generation reel to reel > Nakamichi > amplifiers > tascam audio cdrw750 > cd > computer > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac.

Transfered, & uploaded by 38f on Dime, January 2007.