April 22, 1972
Pirates World Amusement Park
Dania, Florida

Disk 1:

01. Rock & Roll Woman
02. Bound To Fall
03. Hot Burrito #2
04. It Doesn't Matter
05. So You Want To Be A Rock'n'Roll Star
06. Go Back Home
07. Change Partners
08. Know You Got To Run
09. (a) Crossroads
(b) Black Queen
10. 4 + 20
11. Do For The Others
12. (a) Both Of Us (Bound To Lose)
(b) Love The One Your With
13. He Was A Friend Of Mine

Disk 2:

01. Fallen Eagle
02. Hide It So Deep
03. You're Still On My Mind
04. Don't Look At My Shadow
05. Sugar Babe
06. (a) 49 Bye Byes
(b) For What It's Worth
07. Song Of Love
08. (a) Rock & Roll Crazies
(b) Cuban Bluegrass
09. Jet Set (Sigh)
10. Anyway
11. Right Now
12. The Treasure
13. Carry On
14. Find The Cost Of Freedom> Band Intros fade out

Notes: The concert finds Stills in a "bad" mood with the audience as he asks them to quiet down for the acosutic stuff and complains of having a sore throat and this shows in some of his vocals.

Chris Hillman and the rest of the band really showcase their talent as
this underrated band plays in all the styles that Manassas were famous

Some songs transition a bit abruptly but this is a worthwhile addition for any
Stills/Hillman/Manassas fan.

For a perspective on the venue, check out this interesting link: