Buffalo Memorial Auditorium
May 9th 1972

Conversion = 2nd gen cassette>Pioneer Stand Alone Burner PDR-609>
EAC> Soundforge 9.0>CD Architect 5.2>Wav>Flac

Sound Quality 4-5 out of 10
azimuth aligned
samples to be provided
sorry no art work
A Bargain Basement Tape Production


Disc One
01. Rock 'n' Roll Woman
02. Bound To Fall
03. So You Want To Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star
08. Go Back Home
09. Change Partners
10. Know You've Got To Run
11. Crossroads
12. Black Queen
14. 4 + 20
15. Word Game

Disc Two
01. Do For The Others
02. Bound To Lose
03. Love The One You're With
04. He Was A Friend Of Mine
05. Fallen Eagle
06. Hide It So Deep
07. Both of Us
08. Don't Look At My Shadow
09. Sugar Babe
10. 49 Bye Byes >
11. For What It's Worth
12. Song Of Love
13. Rock 'n' Roll Crazies
14. Jet Set (Sigh)
15. Anyway

Disc Three
01. Crowd
03. Treasure >
04. Carry On
05. Find The Cost Of Freedom with band intros

After looking through the archives I found the long lost encore cassette.
Here is a rare offering of Manassas from their stop in Buffalo.
I'm not sure if it's seen much circulation as I have never traded it since
receiving a few years ago (maybe 5 -6 years?). Unfortunately not the best
sounding recordings. It's distant and very quiet during the acoustic set.
Help is needed for the unknown song titles. Hope this fills a hole for the
completists. Enjoy the show, theklopeks