Mance Lipscomb Tribute Night
A benefit for Live Music Capital (LMC) Radio and the Austin Blues Society
Austin, TX

August 11, 2011

Source 1: Audience [Rode NT4 Stereo MIC]
Source 2: Onstage [Apex Condenser Mic x 2]
Source 3: Soundboard
>Tascam DR-680 [44.1kHz, 16bitWAV]
Taped by Joshua Cain, mixed in Audacity by scdegraaf

Joshua made separate recordings of each artist plus one time of the hosts. What I received were 27 recordings
I had to mix (9x 3 recordings), quite a job.

Each artist did a soundcheck before playing. I have not included this. I also trimmed the
end of the recordings when there was just crowd noise. I also omitted the official music played during the

I did my best to find the song titles, but I miss a few. I also tried to find the writers of the songs.
However I can't garantee I have it all correct.

Only the names of Guy Forsyth and Scott H. Birham were familiar for me, the others are new.
I loved Kalu James. He's somebody I'll definitely follow.


Disc One [01:12:15]

1. Opening words by Jeff Hayes & Kimberly Caterino

Pehr Smith w/Dony Wynn
2. Intro
3. Jack Of Diamonds <Mance Lipscomb>
4. Baby Please Don't Go <Muddy Waters>
5. Motherless Children <traditional>
6. When You Get Home, Write Me A Few Little Lines <Fred McDowell>

7. Kimberly talks about LMC Radio

The Cutlers (Becky and Kelly Cutler) w/Chris "Catman" Campbell
8. Banter
9. Keep Your Booty Clean <Mance Lipscomb>
10. Hush (Somebody's Calling My Name) <traditional spiritual>
11. Dr. Feelgood <Aretha Franklin/Ted White>
12. Blues Stay Away From Me <Alton & Rabon Delmore>
13. Guilty <Randy Newman>
14. Jeff talks, outro and intro

Ben Stevens (solo at first) then as Trimmed and Burning (duo w/Skye Downing)
15. Intro
16. Keep On Truckin' (solo) <Mance Lipscomb>
17. Motherless Children (solo) <traditional>
18. Jeff talks and introduces Skye Downing
19. Trouble In Mind <Mance Lipscomb>
20. Banter & tuning
21. Beat Up Old Guitar <Stevens/Downing?>
22. Outro and intro (Jeff)

Disc Two [43:31]

Grady Pinkerton w/Michael Christian
1. Bloodstains <Frank 'Honeyboy' Patt>
2. Blues Stop Knocking At My Door<J. Miller/Al Ferrier>
3. Brown Skinned Woman <Mance Lipscomb>
4. ???
5. ???
6. Kimberly and Jeff talk

Twilight Trio (Grego Anderson- dobro, Joanna Ramirez- vocals, Jeff Hayes- bass)
7. Band introductions & tuning
8. You're Gonna Quit Me <Mance Lipscomb>
9. Banter & song intro
10. Going Down Slow <James B. Oden>
11. Mama Don't Allow <Mance Lipscomb>
12. Trouble No More <Muddy Waters>
13. Outro and intro (Jeff)


Disc Three [56:59]
Kalu James w/J.T. Hall- guitar, Drew Howard- lead guitar
1. Introduction by Kimberly
2. Tuning
3. Captain, Captain! <Mance Lipscomb>
4. Banter
5. Ain't It Hard <Mance Lipscomb>
6. Tuning and song intro
7. ???
8. Banter
9. Night Time Is The Right Time <Mance Lipscomb>
10. Band intros-> song intro
11. New song [Kalu]
12. Outro and intro (Jeff)

Scott H. Biram w/Matt Puryear- drums, Walter Daniels- harp
13. Intros
14. Ella Speed <Mance Lipscomb>
15. Tom Moore's Farm <Mance Lipscomb>
16. Blues In The Bottle <Mance Lipscomb>
17. Banter
18. Alcohol Blues <Mance Lipscomb>


Disc Four [01:02:08]
1. Talk about Mance (Kimberly)
Guy Forsyth (solo)
2. Sink 'Em Low (The Holler) <traditional>
3. Banter
4. If I Was Sick <Guy Forsyth>
5. Rocks And Gravel <Mance Lipscomb>
6. Banter
7. ???
8. Banter
9. God Moves On The Water <Blind Willie Johnson>
10. Banter
11. Balance <Guy Forsyth>
12. Banter
13. Pick And Shovel Blues <Mance Lipscomb>
14. Banter
15. 105
16. Banter
17. Midnight Special <Huddy Ledbetter>
18. Banter
19. Crossroads <Robert Johnson>

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