Mandolin Orange
December 2, 2016
Hayti Heritage Center
Durham, NC

Sony PCM-M10 Linear PCM Recorder (internal mics, auto levels, low-sensitivity mic setting) > cdwav > TLH (FLAC 6) > DIME > you

Was fortunate enough to pick up a couple of "newly released" tickets for me and the Mrs just a few hours before this show. This was another
completely sold out show and I wasn't expecting to get in on this night either. But luck was again on my side just like she was for the
Haw River Ballroom show a couple weeks back... and that really nice capture is still seeding here on Dime.

This recording is superior in virtually every way due to my recording location, but of course, the music was great both nights. I was able to get
in at doors again and ended up DFC in the balcony of this historic old church; and I was able to just set my recorder on the balcony ledge at my feet.
And once again, the "hometown" crowd was so, so respectful of the performance that the music was again the star of the night.

Josh Oliver opened and played a handful of songs solo, then joined Mandolin Orange for a majority of the show. So it was just a quite, acoustic set
of music in this small, intimate space. The first time I'd seen these guys was the Haw River show, which was with their full touring band so it was
nice to experience these songs as they've been performing most of their career I would imagine.. as a duo. This band has really captured my heart and
imagination and cannot believe I just discovered this band after all the years they've been together.. oh well, better late than never right ?

On a personal note, I was tickled to happen to run into both Andrew and Emily (separately) before the show, and it was a real treat being able to chat
them up one-to-one for just a fleeting minute or so.

As always, do what you want with this, except sell it for goodness sake... because that ain't cool...

Setlist :

01. intro and tuning
02. Echo
03. Old Ties And Companions
04. Wildfire
05. There Was A Time
06. Lonesome Whistle
07. Little Worlds
08. Gospel Shoes
09. My Blinded Heart
10. Yew Piney Mountain >
11. Big Footed Man In The Sandy Lot
12. Hey Adam
13. Missouri Borderlands
14. Until The Last Light Fades
15. Take This Heart Of Gold
16. Hey Stranger
17. Poor Boy Poor Me
18. Hard Travelin'
19. Rocky Island
20. Bright Morning Stars
21. Waltz About Whiskey

Enjoy !