Manfred Mann's Earth Band
BBC Sessions 1971/72 ?

unknown lineage, received in a trade in the mid eighties

I can only guess when these tracks were recorded. I think tracks 1 to 3 must be from early 1971 because the DJ refers to
Manfred Mann's New Band. There was no name for this band until November 1971.
The DJ introduces the last track as being recorded by Manfred Mann's Earth Band, so this must
be from late 1971 or early 1972. Track 4 is on their setlist in 1972 as you can see here:

Again, I found no info about these tracks on the net.

They recorded 4 sessions for John Peel's show in 1971 to 1973. Have a look here:

Anyone got these???

01 - Living Without You (I) [3:32]
02 - Living Without You (II) [3:36]
03 - Mighty Quinn (incomplete) [1:56]
04 - Black Betty [5:26]

As always: Enjoy! Don't sell! Never encode to lossy!