Manfred Mann's Earth Band

Venue: Marquee Club, London, UK
Date: 1972 12 18
Lineage: FM/Cassette/PC/WAV/Cool Edit 2000/EAC/CDR/TLH (SBE FIX) FLAC (L8)
Master Clone

01. Mercury, The Winged Messenger (cuts in, cuts out, music missing)
02. Buddah (cuts in)
03. Father Of Day, Father Of Night (micro-skip at 1:24)
04. Captain Bobby Stout
05. The Mighty Quinn (cuts out, no music missing)
06. Meat (cuts in, music missing)

Do not be deterred by the cuts. They tend to be at the very start or end for some reason and the performance, which might be one of their best ever, makes this a non-issue. Marvel at rousing, extended renditions of songs such as Father Of Day, Mighty Quinn and Meat, the latter featuring a fantastic rockabilly guitar solo by Mick! Sadly, i have yet to find a more complete version of this one, although there should be one floating around somewhere,
as this was a BBC radio broadcast and lots of people must've been listening.