Looks like my other MMEB torrent was a popular success, so here's another. Hopefully this one will go smoothly. This is another live FM broadcast, from the Good Earth tour. Again, a great one!

SBD>FM Broadcast>Maxell UDXLII-90 low gen. trade cassette>Nakamichi BX-100 cassette (no dolby)>AUDACITY track splitting/level setting (no processing)>TLH Flac8 with ffp>You.

MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND - Radiohuset Studio 4, Stockholm 23/9/74

As Above, So Below(3:38)
Father of Day, Father of Night (8:32)
The Good Earth (7:59)
Buddha (12:45)
The Mighty Quinn (11:38)

QUALITY: A+ 9-1/2 or 10 Stereo (may be a touch bass heavy)

One from the basement, where a couple of hundred of these purely analogue goodies reside. All of these are from my trading days (which ended in 1985), and these tapes are appearing after being shut away for over 22 years! These uploads will appear occasionally, as I find time, so please don't stay up nights waiting.
I'm new to doing this (I've been ripping silvers), so please be kind. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

GENERAL LINEAGE: trade/master cassette>AUDACITY (track splitting, no dolby or processing other than level set)>TLH align, Flac8 with ffp>you. Exact lineage will be stated in the torrent information.

SOURCES: FM, SBD, audience; all analogue, all torrented to you as received (in the rough with no cuts, sequencing, NR or alterations at all). This should keep both the masochist/purist and the tweaker/remixer happy.

SOUND RATINGS: I don't know how to supply mp3 samples, so if you are unsure just download one track to check it out. Ratings are bootleg comparatives, not commercial gradings.
A+ 9-1/2 to 10/10 Excellent SBD, FM, exceptional audience tapes. No major problems.
A 9 to 9-1/2 Minor flaws (thick or thin sound, bass or treble problems, hiss), excellent audience tapes.
B 8-9 Moderate flaws (missing, exaggerated bass/treble, imbalance, substantial hiss), typical good audience tapes. Can be corrected with judicious EQ and tweaks.
C Masochist only.

ART: No art with these, so feel free to create some.

REMASTERING: I encourage anybody to remaster these recordings if they wish to - the goal is to provide the best listening experience for all, so go for it.

DOs/DON'Ts: If you've snatched this, it's yours to do what you want with it for your own personal use. Burn it, trade it, convert it to suit, glue it to your forehead so you can receive direct broadcasts - I don't care.
If you share it, please leave it intact and only share this material as you received it, unless you have a remaster you would like to share. Please give credit - taking text and music and sharing it as your own is sleazy and unacceptable.

COMMERCIAL MATERIAL: No commecially released material is included to the best of my knowledge (which may be old and out of date). Knowingly upping currently available commercially released works is THEFT, and should be discouraged at all times. The artists has devoted their lives to their music, and should be rewarded with the purchase of their works.


"I've suffered for my music, now it's your turn." - Neil Innes