Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Pittsburgh, PA. Stanley Theater 1975

Lineag: FM/cassette/pc/wav/cool edit 2000/eac/cd-r/flac

Set The way-back machine for the Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh, PA. 1975 Sherman.
Special thanks to our old friend lamplight for this one. Enjoy! DeargDoom

Set List:

1. Waiter There'a A Yawn In My Ear
2. The Road To Babylon
3. Spirits In The Night
4. Davey's On The Road Again
5. Father Of Day
6. Captain Bobby Stout
7. Blinded By The Light
8. Instrumental ~ Drum Solo
9. The Mighty Quinn

The Band:

Manfred Mann: Keys
Chris Thompson: Vocals
Dave Flett: Guitar
Colin Patenden: Bass
Chris Slade: Drums

This is a doomed recording.