Manfred Mann's Earth Band
New York Bottom Line October 1976

Lineage: FM (probably WNEW)cassette/pc/wav/cool edit 2000/eac/cd-r/flac

Set the way-back machine for New York October 1976 Sherman. We're going to the Manfred's gig at the Bottom Line.
I think my old friend Pluto might be sitting in with the band. Enjoy! DeargDoom

Set List:

1. Waiter There's A Yawn In My Ear
2. The Road To Babylon
3. Spirits In The Night
4. Davey's On The Road Again
5. Blinded By The Light
6. Instrumental ~ Drum Solo
7, The Mighty Quinn (edit)

The Band:

Manfred Mann: Keys
Chris Thompson: Vocals
Dave Flett: Guitar
Colin Patenden: Bass
Chris Slade: Drums

This is a doomed recording.