Manfred Mann
Schaumburg, IL
November 10, 1976

Lineage: FM (SBD)=> 2nd gen. cassette => CDR (using an HHB CDR 830 CD recorder) => CDWAV => EAC => Nero Wave Editor for track splits => FLAC (align on sector boundaries)

1. Spirit In The Night
2. Davy's On The Road Again
3. Time Is Right
4. Father Of Night (part 1)
5. Father Of Night (part 2)
6. Captain Bobby Stout
7. Blinded By The Light
8. The Mighty Quinn
Running time: approximately 61 minutes.

I made a copy of this from the original taper, who lost the tape during one of his moves. The original tape was recorded from the WXRT-FM Sunday Night Concert in 1977. The following edits were made:
-Fade in on track 1
-Fade out on track 8 during applause
No other editing done.

There is an abrupt start to track 1. Father Of Night is split into two tracks (due to tape flip), which I decided to leave alone. There is a hiss, probably more due to the FM signal than to tape hiss, but it is only noticeable during silent passages.

I had not listened to this in a good 20 years, and it sounds much better than I had remembered.

No info on band members, but probably the same personnel who appeared on "The Roaring Silence", which had just been released.