Manfred Mann's Earth Band
21th July 2000
Winterbach Germany
great quality audience recording

Manfred Mann: Keyboards
Mick Rogers: Guitar and Vocals
Noel McCalla: Lead Vocals
Steve Kinch: Bass
Richard Marcangelo: Drums

CD 1
1 - I'll Give You
2 - Shelter Form the Storm
3 - Nothing Ever Happens
4 - Castles Burning
5 - Martha's Madman
6 - Don't Kill it Carol
7 - Angels at My Gate
8 - SOS
9 - Father of Night

CD 2
1 - Demolition Man
2 - She Was
3 - Blinded by the Light
4 - Redemption Song
5 - Davy's on the Road Again
6 - Mighty Quinn

This concert is somehow special to me. It has one of Manfred's best solos I've ever heard in "Martha's Madman". It's just amazin how he is improvising this solo on Moog and Piano simultaneously. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Linage unknown. I got this on a trade and converted the CD via EAC and TLH.

This recording is for free trade only. Please never sell and do not share in lossy formats!
Please support the artist. MMEB are still touring Europe. They just presented their new singer Robert Hart.

Manfred Mann's Earth Band 2011 Tour:

29 Apr Stadthalle Mosbach
30 Apr Stadthalle Schopfheim 79650

13 May Stadthalle Leoben A- 8700

14 May Badehaus Chiemsee 83233
21 May Mairock, Schützenhaus Helmstedt, nr Braunschweig 38350

27 May Stadthalle Feldkirchen -Kaernten A-9560 Presale start in January
28 May Open Air Pukersdorf. near Vienna A-3002 no tickets, free entrance

17 Jun Fabrik Hamburg
18 Jun Open Air Kamen nr Dortmund
24 Jun Open Air Loreley
25 Jun Leipzig Arena Dessau

15 Jul Roots Festivalen Brønnøysund

22 Jul Festzelt / Sportplatz Ersingen / Pforzheim G - 75236
23 Jul Open Air Prattling
19 Aug Open Air Dormagen
20 Aug Open Air Spalt

26 Aug Summer Days Festival Arbon