Manfred Mann's Earth Band
The Stables
Wavendon, UK
6 May 2012

Source: Audience recording
Lineage: Zoom H2 (built in mics) > USB > HD > Sound Studio (tracking, fades) . xACT (tags, encoding, sbe fix)
Taper: phundercover
My first recording; reduced levels after Spirits In The Night.

01. Spirits In The Night
02. Castles Burning
03. Captain Bobby Stout
04. Martha's Madman
05. Dancing In The Dark
06. You Angel You
07. Father of Night
08. For You
09. Don't Kill It Carol

01. Blinded By The Light
02. Davy's On The Road Again
03. Do Wah Diddy Diddy
04. Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)

May 2012