Open Air B�hne R�merplatz
Kirchheimbolanden, Germany
September 12, 2014

Source: Audience Zoom H4 Recording
Taped by: Jofisch
Transferred by: Jofisch

Zoom H4 > int. mics > 16/44 > CD Wave > Flac Level 8

Line Up:

Robert Hart - Vocals, Guitar
Mick Rogers - Guitars, Vocals
Steve Kinch - Bass
Manfred Mann - Keyboards, Vocals
Jimmy Copley - Drums

01 Spirits In The Night
02 Captain Bobby Stout
03 Martha's Madman
04 Dancing In The Dark
05 You Angel You
06 Mick Rogers Instrumental
07 Father Of Day Father Of Night
08 Cannonball Rag
09 For You
10 Don't Kill It Carol
11 Blinded By The Light
12 Davy's On The Road Again
13 Encore
14 Do Wah Diddy Diddy
15 Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)

An open air concert at the small market place at Kirchheimbolanden just nearby my home town.
A rainy evening with a mixed crowd with children (you can hear) and the smell of grilled meat in the air.
Ww were standing in front of the stage (near right speakers), so the mild rain wasn't disturbing.

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