Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
NDR 90,3 Sommertour Live
July 06, 2019

01 Captain Bobby Stout
02 Don't Kill It Carol
03 Martha's Madman
04 Stronger Than Me
05 You Angel You
06 Father of Day, Father of Night
07 For You
08 Blinded by the Light
09 Davy's on the Road Again
10 Do-Wah-Diddy-Diddy
11 Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)

Manfred Mann – keyboards and vocals
Mick Rogers – guitar and vocals
Robert Hart – vocals
John Lingwood – drums
Steve Kinch – bass guitar
Recorded and split into individual tracks with Audacity (System sounds turned off; stereo mix as input)

There's a reason why i waited a couple of months to bring this to DIME.

First off, this was broadcast over the web as video and i only did the audio capture as a failsafe because in the past for some reason there's was a good chance stream capturing would fail. Needless to say, it did, and the resulting disappointment soured me on this show for a while. I didn't even listen back afterwards. There were a handful of brief glitches - those are inherent to the stream.

Now that the disappointment has subsided, i bring you what is essentially a raw soundboard recording with all the problems that brings with it:

extreme dynamics
very dry sound
mix fluctuations (especially early on)

But what you get is a GREAT quality (if, as sadly inherent to its source, lossy) Earth Band show, perhaps the best capture of the tour.

If anyone has the video, please come forward.

Also, here's my wishlist of shows (some i know to be out there, some i don't):

Aachen 2004
Stolberg 2007
Harburg 2016 (complete webstream video)
Cologne 2017
Hamburg 2019 (well, obviously)