Band: Manfred Mann's Earthband
Venue: Stadthalle
City: Ternitz
Country: Austria / Lower Austria
Date: Friday, Nov. 4th 2011
Bootleg Title: Eskimo Nights
Taper: HighVoltage
Recording Equipment: Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder
Mic Position: in front of breast bone
Location: about 5 m from the stage, mid-right
Recorder Settings: Mic Sens low, Low Cut off, Mic Zoom Set Wide
Tour: 40 Anniversary Tour
Opening Act: The roaring Sixties (local band)
Audience: ~800

Lineage: internal Mics -> Olympus LS-10 (PCM WAV 44.1kHz/16bit) , -> PC -> Nero Wave Editor -> FLAC Level 6

Edits: general volume adaption, equalizer, fade-in & fade out, track split, flac level 6

Special Notes:
As always, the crowd in Ternitz was up for it. Not much else to tell, except the new singer Robert Hart (who does a brilliant job, btw) is a real nice guy, he came out and stood at the bar after the show where I had a chat with him. He also took me backstage to have an album cover signed my Mick Rogers (it was 'Unfinished Business by Andrew Bown, Status Quo's keyboard (harp, 3rd guitar) player, where Mick played guitars on).
After "I came for you" Robert says "Dankeschön, thank you!", after 'Davy's on the Road again' he says "Vielen Dank, thank you!" and after the last song he says "Vielen Dank, thank you very much!"

Soundquality: clear, lively audience recording with some signal overspill, with interaction from the audience - 7,5/10



Disc 1:
01 Spirits in the Night (6:00)
02 Martha's Madman (10:09)
03 Captain Bobby Stout (6:49)
04 I came for you (4:56)
05 Dancing in the Dark (7:59)
06 You Angel you (3:16)
07 Mick Rogers Guitar Solo (1:45)
08 Visionary Mountains (2:56)
09 Shake, rattle and roll (3:38)

Disc 2:
10 Father of Day, Father of Night (9:29)
11 Manfred Mann Keyboard Solo (incl. Come together & Hey Jude) (5:46)
12 Don't kill it Carol (8:23)
13 Blinded by the Light (5:54)
14 Davy's on the Road again (9:59)
15 Quinn the Eskimo (The mighty Quinn) (12:04)



Enjoy this recording anyway you want (I have uploaded both the flac- and the mp3 version), share it, but please keep my notes and the album art together with the audio files!
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