A Robert Collins Master Recording.

Artist / Title: Manhattan Transfer
Date May 7, 2011
Location: Yoshi's, San Francisco, California, USA
Seats: Somewhere near table 50
Deck: Korg MR1000 (5.6 Mhz, 1-bit Recording)
Mics: Neumann KM-140
Source: Master Tape; Stereo
Sample Rate 44.1Khz, 16-bit (FLAC)
Rating: A
Length: 74 Minutes

Also Available
* Manhattan Transfer, Yoshi's San Francisco, 2011-05-07, DVD-Audio, 96Khz, 24-bit

* Ticket stub
* Seating chart
* Calendar
* A few video samples (poor video quality, audio merged from this recording)
* Alan Paul Quartet video sample (720p with decent sound)
* Alan Paul Quartet ticket stub


Tim Hauser Vocals (Baritone)
Alan Paul Vocals (Tenor)
Janis Siegel Vocals (Alto)
Cheryl Bentine Vocals (Soprano)
Yaron Gershovskey Keyboards
Adam Hawley Guitar
Gary Wicks Bass
Steve Hass Drums


A great performance with great song selections from the Manhattan Transfer. The song selection
is a sampling of their entire careers and spans from the early 1970's to a recently recorded,
and yet unreleased song. The concert has many surprises because the song selection is
fantastic, and the performances sound fresh.

The only negative was the guy two seats to my right who wanted to clap throughout the concert.
His clap was so loud it hurt our ears. I did my best to remove his clapping through the use of
iZotope RX2-Advanced.


AUD> Korg MR1000 (5.6 Mhz, 1-bit master tape)
---> Down sample to 96Khz, 32-bit using Korg Audiogate
---> Sound Forge
---> iZotope RX2-Advanced (remove obnoxious hand clapping)
---> Har-Bal (light equalizing)
---> Sound Forge (put it all back together, down sample, and dither)
---> CD Architect
---> EAC
---> FLAC


Sound Samples:
Sample-1: (A Tisket, A Tasket)

Sample-2: (Groovin')

Sample-3: (Foo-Gee)