Handsome Dick Manitoba and the Soul Punk Kings 2017-12-30 Bowery Elactric, NYC

Lineage: Zoom iq5 -> iPhone 6s -> Goldwave (track splitting, level boost 4.5%) -> TLH (FLAC level 8) -> Dime

There are some cuts throughout the recording, my iPhone was acting out, I'm guessing because of the cold weather outside.
Whatever the case, it is a shame because it was a fun show and the sound quality is pretty good.
He played 2 new tunes from his upcoming album, unfortunately one of them is missing almost completely (cut after few seconds)
I indicated all cuts in the setlist so that you can decide if this is something worth downloading.
Overall there is about 6-7 of the show missing, they played a little over an hour and my unedited file is about 56 minutes long.
Sample will be provided in comments

01. The Party Starts Now (small cut 30 seconds in)
02. Haircut & Attitude (cut 30 seconds missing in the middle)
03. Weekend
04. Supply & Demand (cut completely at 55 seconds)
05. Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys)
06. New tune (missing)
07. Cars & Girls (beginning cut, small cut in the middle)
08. Eve of Destruction (P F Sloan)
09. American Ruse (MC5)
10. New York New York (small cuts in the middle)
11. Seach & Destroy (Iggy and the Stooges)
12. Faster & Louder (beginning cut)
13. Stay With Me (small cuts in the middle)
14. The Soul Punk King of NYC (new HDM tune)
15. California Sun
16. Kick Out the Jams (small cut at the very end)

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