Manzanita Band

Great American Music Hall--San Francisco, CA
10/03/1979 (?)
(This date is likely, but not certain)

FM > reel-to-reel > Ampex 351 2 track > Alesis Masterlink, very little DSP, normalized > CD-R > EAC > SHN

Ricky Skaggs
Tony Rice
Sam Bush
Jerry Douglas
Todd Phillips

1. Little Cabin Home On The Hill
2. Old Train
3. Blackberry Blossom
4. Hold Whatcha Got
5. I'll Stay Around
6. You Don't Know My Mind
7. Manzanita
8. I Ain't Broke But I'm Badly Bent
9. Talk About Suffering
10. On and On
11. Wheel Hoss
12. Little Girl in Tennessee
13. Pig in Pen
14. Molly and Tenbrooks

Recorded and mastered by Bruce Harvie.

From Bruce Harvie:
It was billed as "The Whites", with Skaggs and Douglas in the band, but the
surprise opening band was Skaggs, Rice, Bush, Phillips, and Douglas playing
selections from "Manzanita" and other stuff from that era. The announcer
said that they were broadcasting the show, so I heading out to the lobby and
called my friend to slap a reel on the Ampex--we missed the first 30 seconds
of "Little Cabin Home..." Oh well...

The cool part of the show was the passing of the mando/fiddle between Sam
and Ricky and noting the differences in the styles.
Downside: Ricky raps...
The Whites had a hard time following that set, BTW...