Marc Almond and the Willing Sinners
The Ritz, Manchester UK
29 October 1985

Lineage: Aiwa CM30> Sony WMD6> Adobe Audition> TLH (8)

01 Blond Boy
02 Traumas Traumas Traumas
03 When I Was A Young Man
04 Love Letter
05 'Heart' Medley (Unchain My Heart/Black Heart/Take My Heart/Unchain My Heart)
06 Stories Of Johnny
07 My Candle Burns
08 Big Louise
09 Room Below
10 Melancholy Rose
11 Gutter Hearts
12 You Have
13 Pink Shack Blues/My Man
14 A Woman's Story
15 Love & Little White Lies
16 Torment
17 Joey Demento

I enjoyed the Hacienda show so much I went again. This was just as much fun, perhaps more so. I still remember Marc taking a photo of a girl in the front row, handing the camera back and saying "I'm usually not much good with machinery!" And I always loved Pink Shack.

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