Marc Bolan - Early Broadcasts 67-69

(John's Children - Saturday Club June 6,1967):
1.Jagged Time Lapse
2.The Perfumed Garden
3.Daddy Rolling Stone
4.Hot Rod Mama

(John Peel plays an unreleased John's Children
acetate given to him by Marc):
5.Hippy Gumbo

(The Perfumed Garden June 14,1967):
6.Highways (excerpt)

(The rest are Tyrannosuarus Rex sessions)

(Top Gear Nov.5,1967):
7.Scenscof The Magician
8.Child Star
10.Hot Rod Mama
11.Dwarfish Trumpet Blues

(Top Gear Feb.2,1968):
13.Child Star
14.Pictures Of Purple People
15.Hot Rod Mama

(The Voice Of Pop Sept.9,1969):
16.Juniper Suction (poem)

(Top Gear Nov.10,1968):
17.The Friends
19.The Seal Of Seasons
20.Evenings Of Damask

(Nightride June 11,1969):
21.A Star Of Youth
22.A ship Of Rythym
23.The Winged Man With Eyes Downcast To The Moon

(Top Of The Pops May 5,1969):
24.Chariots Of Silk & Interview

(unknown date):
25.Top Gear Jingle 1969

(Top Gear May 11,1969):
26.Once Upon The Sea Of Abyssinia
27.Nijinsky Hind
28.Chariots Of Silk
29.Misty Coat Of Albany