Marc Bolan - Hullabaloo, The Capital Radio Sessions 1975

A collection of three Marc Bolan appearences on London's Capital
Radio from 1975 - a nice mix of music and chat.

Set list:

Capital Radio - 6 July 1975 with Maggie Norden

1. Interview
2. Band intro
3. 20th Century Boy
4. Interview
5. New York City
6. Interview
7. The Soul of My Suit
8. Interview
9. Get it on

The music tracks were recorded 'live in the studio' at a
separate session - these differ from the official album
versions. Of particular interest is an early version of
Soul of My Suit', not officially released until 1977.

10. Capital Radio 1975 - 'Boogie with Bolan' - Marc is 'guest DJ'
on the Nicky Horne radio show (official material removed).

11. Capital Radio 1975 - Marc guests on Breakfast Radio show.

My rating 'B' / B+'

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Enjoy - please don't convert to mp3 and post elsewhere :-)