Marc Bolan & T.REX - San Diego, CA. 1973-08-10

This show has been circulating for some years, all the copies I've heard
are pretty rough, but this recording is remarkably clear, I'm not sure
if it's been cleaned up or whether it's an alternate source tape.

There are very few really good recordings of T.REX shows, this is certainly one
of the better sounding ones.

My rating 'B++'.

Set list:

Hope you enjoy the show
Chariot Choogle
Born to Boogie
The Groover
Buick Makane
Plateau Skull
Get it On

Marc Bolan (RIP) - vocals, guitars
Mickey Finn (RIP) - vocals, percussion
Steve Currie (RIP) - Bass, vocals
Bill Legend - Drums
Jack Green - Guitar
Gloria Jones - Vocals
Pat Hall - Vocals

cDR (Trade) > EAC > WAV > Flac (Level 8) > To You

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Enjoy - please don't convert to mp3 and post elsewhere :-)