Marc Bolan & T.REX
Birmingham Odeon, England - 28 January 1974

From Marc Bolan's 'Truck Off' tour...Probably my favorite ever T.REX concert recording.

Despite the fact that Marc used to have every show recorded from the mixing desk for playback later, sadly none of these
recordings have ever surfaced into the public domain. All we have from this tour are two audience recordings, this show
and Leicester - be warned, both are pretty poor sound.

Despite the sound quality, this recording captures the magic of 'T.REXACY' for the very last time - you can just feel
the excitment and adrenalin that was present at this show. Marc had expanded the T.REX lineup in an attempt to fill out
the sound and the results are pretty interesting.

The bottom line: poor sound, brilliant concert!


20th Century Boy
Chariot Choogle
Telegram Sam
Drum Solo
The Groover
Whatever happened to the Teenage Dream
Born to Boogie
Metal Guru
Hot Love
Get it On

Line up:

Marc Bolan (RIP) - guitars, vocals
Mickey Finn (RIP) - bongos, percussion, vocals
Steve Currie (RIP) - bass, vocals
Jack Green - guitar
Davey Lutton - drums
Paul Fenton - drums
Howie Casey - tennor sax
Dick Parry - baritone sax
Gloria Jones - backing vocals
Pat Hall - backing vocals

Audience recording, about C+ (my subjective rating).

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