Marc Bolan & T.REX
Winter Gardens, New Brighton, Wirral, England - 28 February 1976

From Marc Bolan's 'Futuristic Dragon' tour...

By 1976 Bolan's commercial success had diminished and he was playing much smaller
venues to greatly reduced crowds. This concert is imcomplete, but the interesting thing
is that Bolan had introduced 'Solid Gold Easy Action' and 'Children of the Revolution'
into the setlist for the first time, as well as taking a trip down memory lane performing
One Inch Rock & 'Debora'.


20th Century Boy
Solid Gold Easy Action
Children of the Revolution
One Inch Rock
Lifes a Gas
Dreamy Lady
London Boys
Hot Love
Get it On

Line up:

Marc Bolan (RIP) - guitars, vocals
Steve Currie (RIP_ - bass, vocals
Davey Lutton - drums
Dino Dines (RIP) - vocals, keyboards
Gloria Jones - vocals, keyboards
Tyrone Scott - vocals, keyboards

Audience recording, about B (my subjective rating).

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