Marc Bolan / Gloria Jones - Children of Rarn sessions *offically released material removed*

*This torrent comprises studio work in progress sessions that have not been officially released*.

Marc Bolan began work on the Children of Rarn suite in 1971 - the project got 'parked' and in 1974
Bolan picked it up again. What we have here are work in progess sessions as the project never did get

Part of these sessions have found their way onto official releases and these have been excluded from
this torrent.

The sound quality is excellent, but sadly it's not Bolan's best performance, these have been described
as 'coke fueled' sessions, but they are part of the Bolan legacy and will be of interest to many fans.

For those interested in what has appeared where and on what release I would reccomend
'A Guide to the Outtakes of Marc Bolan' written by Irving Campbell,
Publisher: Great Horse Productions IBSN 978-0-473-12076-6


1. Children of Rarn
2. Offically released material removed
3. Children of Rarn (fast tempo)
4. Children of Rarn / we are dworn
5. We are dworn
6. Video Drama
7. Video Drama / Rarn Rarn
8. Officially released material removed
9. Rarn Rarn

Various cDR (Trades) > EAC > WAV > Flac (Level 8) > To You

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Enjoy - please don't convert to mp3 and post elsewhere :-)