Marc Bolan - Home recordings (not officially released)

In the years following Marc Bolan's death a vast array of studio outtakes and
home demo recordings have been officially released by EDSEL and in latter years
by Easy Action Records.

*This torrent comprises home recordings that have not been officially released*.

If you are expecting slick, polished Bolan masterpeices, forget it. These are
rough, raw, tracks, many just lasting a few seconds - Bolan jamming,experimenting
and developing new songs and ideas - but they give an insight into Bolan's creative
song writing process.

As mentioned, over the years there has been a vast array of home demos released
and a massive amount of repackaging. For those interested in what has appeared where
and on what release I would reccomend 'A Guide to the Outtakes of Marc Bolan' written
by Irving Campbell, Publisher: Great Horse Productions IBSN 978-0-473-12076-6


Bold Rose
Guitar riff
My Love
Can it be me?
Telephone song
Been such a long time
Flight sheen shuffle
Sad Blues
In Love with you
Everyone's talking about her
Glass tap
Why do you love me
Na Na Na
Guitar riff
I've seem Santa Claus
She's so Beautiful
Solid Baby
Saxon Mothers Son
Song of Soloman
Speeds up like a train
Look in your eyes
Have you seen?
I have seen
Shake it
Optanic Sex Swan
Hound Dog
Space Boss
Walk On
Lay on me Lena
Lady General
Like a Wild thing
Everybodys talking
Shame Shame Shame
Faded Star
Satellite Demonstrative

Various cDR (Trades) > EAC > WAV > Flac (Level 8) > To You

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Enjoy - please don't convert to mp3 and post elsewhere :-)