Marc Ford
Jazz Cafe
London, England

Source: Audience recording > Audioreality binaurals > Sony PCM-M10 > wav 24/96
Lineage: wav 24/96 > iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced > iZotop RX3 Advanced >
wav 16/44.1 > CD Wave > TLH > Flac 16

recorded from DFC standing on landing about 3 feet above the floor, 20 feet back from the stage.

01 tuning
02 Just A Girl
03 Badge Of Descension
04 In You
05 You Know What I Mean
06 banter/tuning
07 Dancing Shoes
08 Dream #26
09 tuning/banter
10 Blue Sky
11 Turquoise Blue
12 Sometimes
13 Call Me Faithful
14 I'm Free
15 tuning/banter
16 Cool Heads
17 My Love
18 tuning
19 Smoke Signals
20 Steady Rolling Man
21 encore break
22 You're The One

Marc Ford - guitars, vocals
Elijah Ford - guitars, keyboard, bass, vocals
Stew Jackson - peddle steel, guitars, vocals
Luke Cawthra - guitars
Dan Moore - bass, keyboard
Matt Brown - drums


I truncated the encore break as it lasted for quite a while.


Up to and including track 14 are all from Marc's new album "Holy Ghost"

I must have a sign on my forhead which says "I'm a taper, come and stand near me and talk" Even in stealth mode I attract them like flies. Damn, it annoys me! Two gentlemen parked themselves in front of me just before "My Love" started. I eventually had a quiet word with them about 5:45 into the song and they shut up.
Shortly after that I was told to move by a security guy who had come to collect some taking from the bar, I didn't argue with ;-) but got my place back after he had finished.

Bop would have liked this. He was the biggest Marc Ford fan I ever knew. He's been gone about 19 months now. Maybe he's up there with a big grin on his face listening.

recorded, edited and mastered
April 2014