Marc Ford
Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Scotland
29 May 2014

Location: FOB, Centre, 15m from stage. Mics at 6ft high.
Source: AT853 Cardioid (without 4.7kmod) > CA Ugly II Pre Amp > Edirol R-09HR @ 24bit, 88khz WAV > SD Card
Transfer: WAV > Adobe Audition (Fades, Limiting to eliminate audince noise, Normalise to -1db.
Some noise reduction was also performed to remove the hum from the motor of mirror ball situated overhead)
> BBE Sonic Maximizer > CD Wave (Split) >
Adobe Audition (Convert to 16bit, 44.1khz) > TLH (Flac)

A Mayhem Inc. Production

An excelent show at a great sounding venue.
Final night of the European tour in support of "Holy Ghost" album.
Marc's son Elijah opened the show with a great short set of original
material both solo and joined by members of Marc's band.
That performance was also captured and is available. Please check out
that recording.

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01. Intro
02. Just A Girl
03. Badge Of Descention
04. In You
05. You Know What I Mean*
06. Marc Chat
07. Dancing Shoes
08. Dream No. 26
09. Blue Sky
10. Turquoise Blue*
11. Sometimes
12. I'm Free
13. My Love
14. You're the One
15. Encore / Toilet Break#
16. Smoke Signals

Marc Ford - Guitars, Vocals
Elijah Ford - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Bass
Stew Jackson - Pedal Steel, Guitar, Vocals
Luke Cawthra - Guitars
Andy Lowe - Bass, Keyboards
Matt Brown - Drums
Louis Smith(?) - Occasional Banjo*

# Taper found himself in the toilet side stage at the same time as 3 members of the band.