In the bassic beginning...
Bass Desires
Marc Johnson: bass (and band leader)
Bill Frisell: guitar
John Scofield: guitar
Peter Erskine: drums
Ryles Jazz Club
Cambridge, Mass. U.S.A.
January 22, 1985
(2 sets, both are complete)
performance quality: A- (very good, even though this is clearly a very early
performance of B.D. here and the material is probably not real familiar to them yet.)
recording quality: B+ (no problems, clear sound, nice recording quality)
source: 1st generation audience tapes
total runtime: 162:54 (minutes/seconds)
1st set 83:28
1: funkallero 8:56
2: samurai hee haw 10:27
3: band introductions 1:16
4: wishing doll 9:50
5: Mojo highway 12:26
6: there will never be another you 13:12
7: thanks again 10:38
8: resolution 16:50

2nd set 79:25
1: funkallero 8:15
2: samurai hee haw 11:16
3: wishing doll 9:36
4: all the things you are 12:24
5: Mojo highway 11:58
6: thanks again 11:41
7: resolution 14:15
lineage: Naka. 100 microphones >
Sony D-5 cassette deck (dolby off) >
Maxell XLII-S master cassettes >
my copy (same, copied either Nak to Nak, or maybe from
this very same D-5 to Nak, not sure which. A clean transfer.) >
soundforge 4.5 > FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
four piece band. two show night. four step torrent this time.
(master > copy > WAV > FLAC > torrent.) first seeded in 2008.
reseeded in 2013 with track times, full setlist (with some corrections)
and a flac > wav > flac (sb's aligned) reconversion to remove the sbe's.
a this and that production.
Do not sell this recording.
share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
this is one of the earliest recordings of Bass Desires.
It's certainly the earliest one I've heard.
This one is a very nice clean D-5/ Nak. recording (they make a nice pair of working partners)
of both sets and not even a flip cut. All I needed to do (and did) to this was reduce a few
loud claps (I could have done more in the 1st set but it's not very loud here anyway and
mostly between songs) and splice in some applause at the flips to smooth the transition out.
Ryles is (literally) an award winning jazz club (Boston Phoenix Reader's Poll
"Best Jazz Bar" choice in a couple of years, deservedly so, it's a very pleasant
place to go see jazz music). I wasn't there to enjoy this fine night, but I have seen
a few Ryles shows, always enjoyed the sound and the music when I've been there.
It's a nice room, not too small, not too big, good size club for jazz and no cement walls
(try finding that in a Boston club) so there's some acoustics to enjoy in there.
Ryles is one of my favorite clubs period, although I don't hear of rock shows there.
Probably for the better too. It's not all jazz at Ryles (or in this concert), but
they call it "Ryles Jazz Club" for a good reason. They specialize in jazz shows.
Lots of good ones too. This one is no slouch either but not a real "high energy" set.
This is a nice tight pair of shows that almost borders on mellow in parts, but never
anywhere near boring. I think people of widely varying musical interests might like
hearing this music and frankly if there are sbds of this around (I've never seen or
heard of such) they may not sound as good as this recording does, for a few reasons.
the taper source wishes to not be named but this person was kind enough to say it
was cool if I share some some of his very nice audience tapes provided to me on 1st gen. cassettes.