Marc Johnsons Bass Desires
7th Avenue South
April 12 1985
early set

Aud>Sony stereo mic>Marantz PMD340>ProTools>CDR>Xact>Flac

One of my masters....There is a slight cut at the beginning of track 4, otherwise this is the complete set

Marc Johnson Bass
Bill FrisellGuitar
John Scofield Guitar
Peter Erskine Drums

Please help with my lame attempt at a setlist

Samurai Heehaw
A Wishing Doll

1 Audio Track.flac:c6d7ce9b7dd6ffdf51d8c8780fd81a6f
2 Audio Track.flac:d745d91d68aaca57e7a3f6c5bc5cc725
3 Audio Track.flac:8efcb85fff7fe4d175a025eb025e395c
4 Audio Track.flac:589284c03dd1fc7bc705bc1c9354363e
5 Audio Track.flac:2f12aafba27df44bbdbd9ae770b899a6
6 Audio Track.flac:9047926eaf3d76680bbadd9695e18529