Bimhuis, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos

A trans-Atlantic joint effort by Ruuntje (taper) & SarahV (editor/uploader)

CA-11 mics > Edirol R-09 > Ruuntje's computer > the internet > SarahV's computer > Audacity (track splits, handclap reduction, fade in/out) > FLAC > You

First set:
1. Intro
2. Los Teenagers Bailan Changui
3. Jaguey
4. Fiesta en el Solar
5. Dame un Cachito Pa'Huele
6. Talking (thanking the composer etc.)
7. Como Se Goza en el Barrio

Second set:
1. Postizo
2. Aurora en Pekin
3. Choserita Plena
4. Baile Baile Baile
5. No Me Llores Mas
6. Yo Soy Un Postizo
7. Unknown title
8. Carmela Dame la Llave
9. La Vida Es Un Sueno
10. El Divorcio

Notes: I did a lot of individual handclap reductions, but there were some parts where there wasn't much I could do (e.g., when the band encouraged the audience to clap along with the music). The recording was done at a more-or-less perfect volume so the handclaps are not too annoying, anyway. The only minor technical glitch you may notice is that the volume on the recorder was adjusted at the very beginning of the first track.

Thanks very much to Rune for taping!