Marcia Ball
1994-07-10 Early (4PM) Show
The Oasis,
Milwaukee, WI

master audience recording

recording rig:
Sonic Studio DSM-6P mikes>Sony WM-D6C Dolby C on>Maxell XLIIS-100

master cassette>Harmon Kardon TD 302 Dolby C decoded, heads aligned to each tape segment>
Zoom H2 16/44.1>pc>editing, tracked & edited with wavpad>
flac level 8 and checksums created with traderslittlehelper
Field recording and all mastering by arfarf
Analog to digital transfer 2011-09-10

disc 1 48:55
01 Tough Lover
02 Red Beans
03 How Big A Fool
04 If This Is Love
05 Just Kiss Me
06 Big Shot
07 You Can Have Him
08 One Of A Kind
09 All Night Long
10 As Long As I Got You
--tape flip--

disc 2 38:42
01 //I'm Gonna Forget About You
02 That's Enough Of That Stuff
03 Mobile
04 Find Another Fool
05 La-Ti-Da
06 Uh-Uh Baby
07 -applause & banter-
08 Finger Nails

Notes: A tape pause occured @ 00:28 of disc 2, track 07, silence removed.