Marcia Ball
Waterfront Blues Festival
Portland, OR.
July 7, 2007

Recorded from KBOO FM again this year. KBOO is an all volunteer radio station that has been broadcasting this festival for 20 years. There will be some inherrent reception problems and some drops in the music from time to time, but I have tried to "fix" all where possible.

Recorded from FM > Sharp MD > HD > Wave Editor > FLAC > you

Enjoy the tunes, twofthrs

"Texas-based, Louisiana-bred Marcia Ball embodies the best of both regions in her partying b lend of New Orleans piano boogie and Austin roadhouse R&B." -- USA TODAY

Singer/pianist Marcia Ball knows how to raise roofs and tear down walls with her infectious, intelligent and deeply emotional brand of southern boogie, rollicking, roadhouse blues and heartfelt ballads. Over the course of her three-decade career, Ball has earned a huge and intensely loyal following all over the world. Her exquisite piano playing and passionate, playful vocals fuse New Orleans and Gulf Coast R&B with Austin's deep songwriting tradition into a sound No Depression described as "a little rock, a lot of roll, a pinch of rhythm and a handful of blues." According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, "Ball is the bayou queen of the piano, steeped in blues and honky-tonk. When revved... she's a rollicking dynamo spewing heat-seeking triplets from the ivories while her horn-driven band wails. She's also a subtle songwriter and a formidable singer with a wisp of huskiness edging her Cajun-Texan twang."

Set List
1. natural ball
2. red beans
3. just kiss me
4. watermelon time
5. thibodaux, louisiana
6. the right tool for the job
7. everyday will be a holiday
8. sing it (fades out)
9. lovella
10. louisana 1927
11. hot tamale baby
12. outro