Marcia Ball
Evanston SPACE
Evanston, Ill.
Jan. 24, 2013

Lineage: Master from Edirol R09-HR

Marcia Ball: piano, vocals
Don Bennett: bass
Damien Llanes: drums
Mike Schermer: guitar
Thad Scott: tenor sax

The flaw you'll hear here is that Evanston SPACE is very tight
with assigned seating at tables that are jammed together, so when
someone comes in late and moves in front of you, it can throw off
the balance for a moment. They're actually very respectfully quiet
as they move in, but a blocked mic is a blocked mic. Happens during
"Natural Ball" and toward the end as the crowd stands up. Beyond
that, it sounds pretty good.

01 Introduction
02 Natural Ball
03 Red Beans
04 We Fell Hard
05 Roadside Attractions
06 That's How It Goes
07 Look Before You Leap
08 Just Kiss Me
09 Band intros, chat
10 Watermelon Time
11 Peace, Love and BBQ
12 La Ti Da
13 I'm Coming Down With the Blues
14 Fingernails
15 This Used to Be Paradise
16 Married Life
17 Soul Kind of Loving
18 He's the One
19 Tore Up
20 Louisiana 1927
21 That's Enough of That Stuff
22 Party Town
23 Count the Days
24 Hot Tamale Baby
25 Outro, crowd
26 Under Love's Spell
27 Crawfishin'