Marcia Griffiths
Reggae Sunsplash, August 18, 1988 (AM).

Source: Panasonic taperecorder> Maxell UR 90 > Xitel Inport > Hard Drive > Wav > FLAC(8).

This is another experiential opportunity to vibe the sounds of Oldies nite at Sunsplash in the early am.
No editing on this as of yet, and so sorry the tape ran out during Stepping Out Of Babylon....but I couldn't
record over the Heptones on the other side...and at age 21, didn't have anymore tape that night ! Even
worse, I was right up at the stage when Carlene Davis sang Winnie Mandela (which was a hit at the time),
and also had no more tape ! I no doubt have butchered the song names on this as my knowledge of
these tunes is feel free to offer corrections so I can edit the post which accompanies this;
though I won't be able to change the text.

1. Lloyd Parks outro/ MC Intro / Tell Me now : 4:42
2. Dreamland: 3:22
3. Build My World: 1:34
4. Settle Down/ Truly: 2:06
5. Feel Like Jumping: 2:55
6. See About Me: 4:31
7. Be With You Everywhere: 3:37
8. Stepping Out Of Babylon: 2:36

TheLibrarian 2-28-2010.