Marco Benevento
26 October 2019 (Saturday)
Pearl Street Warehouse
Washington, D.C.

Matrix recording:

- SBD multitrack mixdown by opsopcopolis.
- DPA 4060 split at stage lip by Alex Leary.
- Multitrack and DPA 4060 sources mixed by Lucas Lorenz.

01. Solid Gold
02. If I Get To See You At All
03. Say It's All the Same
04. Greenpoint
05. The Story of Fred Short > Seven Twenty Two > Walking With Tyrone
06. Heartbeats
07. Baby Don't Make Me Wait
08. Oh Baby Can't You See
09. The Real Morning Party
10. Atari
11. I Can't See The Light
12. RISD
13. Limbs Of A Pine > Jump Into The Fire > Limbs Of A Pine
14. E: Need You Tonight

Marco Benevento - keys, vocals
Karina Rykman - bass, vocals
David Butler - drums


- Let It Slide album release party; The Mattson 2 opened.
- Special thanks to Julian Booker for supplying multitrack. FOH engineer: Graham Smith-White.
- Photo by Josh Brick.

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