The Marcus King Band
House of Blues
Parish Room
New Orleans, LA

Source: Schoeps MK41s(DINa)> KCY 250/5 Ig> VMS 5U> Sound Devices 744 (24/48)
Location: FOB/LOC 6’, 8’ high
DSP: 744> MBP> Audacity(normalize/amplify/resample/track/fades)> Wave(16)> XLD> FLAC> xACT(fixSBE/tags)
Recorded/Transferred: nolamule

Set I
01 Self Hatred
02 Always >
03 Hot’Lanta
04 Rita Is Gone
05 Band Intros >
06 Plant Your Corn Early >
07 Papa Was A Rolling Stone


Opened for The Record Company

Marcus King - Guitar, Vocals
Jack Ryan - Drums
Stephen Campbell - Bass
Justin Johnson - Trumpet, Trombone, Vocals
Matt Jennings - Organ, Keyboards
Dean Mitchell - Saxophones


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