MARILYN MAZUR's Futuresong + Percussion Paradise (w/ Eivind Aarset + Palle Mikkelborg) 2001-04-21 Tivoli, Glassaalen, Copenhagen, Denmark (FM reseed w/ mp3-sample)

MARILYN MAZUR's Futuresong + Percussion Paradise
feat. Eivind Aarset + Palle Mikkelborg
(apr 21, 2001)
12. JazzPar 2001
Tivoli, Glassaalen
Copenhagen, Denmark

"ALL THE BIRDS" - tour

FM recording
aired by danish radio on 2001-04-23
out of our tremendous collection


01. (fm moderator) > Subway Goove 4:09
Marilyn Mazur - perc, drums, voc
Aina Kemanis - voc
Elvira Plenar - keys
Klavs Hovman - bass
Audun Kleive - drums
Eivind Aarset - guitar, electronics

(02. (fm intro> Gong Piece 2:59 - released on 'Circular Chant')
Marilyn Mazur - perc, drums, voc
Nils Petter Molvaer - trumpet, electronics
Bugge Wesseltoft - keys

03. (fm intro) > Universe 7:49
(04. Visible World (Garbarek) 4:10 - released on 'Visible World')
(05. Louise 5:19 - released on 'Circular Chant')
Marilyn Mazur - perc, drums, voc
Klavs Hovman - bass
Audun Kleive - drums
Eivind Aarset - guitar, electronics
Palle Mikkelborg - trumpet

06. Rainbow Tears 8:30
07. All The Birds 4:49
Marilyn Mazur - perc, drums, voc
Lisbeth Diers - perc, voice
Benita Haastrup - perc, voice
Birgit L�kke-Larsen - perc, voice
Josefine Cronholm - voc
Anders Jormin - bass
Fredrik Lundin - electronics, flute, sax
Hans Ulrik - bass clarinet, clarinet, flute, sax
Palle Mikkelborg - trumpet

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'Future Song' (1990)
'Havblik' (1991)
'Small Labyrinths' (1994)
'Circular Chant' (1995) (live Copenhagen 1994-03-13)
'All The Birds' (2002) (live Copenhagen 2001-04-19)
'Daylight Stories' (2004)
'Elixir' (2008)
'Tangled Temptations & The Magic Box' (2010)
'Celestial Circle' (2011)
+ cooperations with
Palle Mikkelborg, Miles Davis, Ketil Bj�rnstad, Lindsay Cooper,
Jan Garbarek, Jon Balke, Yelena Eckemoff, Harry Beckett & Chris McGregor,
Gil Evans & Laurent Cugny, Eberhard Weber, Kirsten Br�ten Berg, Wayne Shorter

The Prize Winner 2001 - Marilyn Mazur.
Excerpts from The Jazzpar Prize Homepage:
At the JAZZPAR Concerts 2001 Mazur preformed with two of her established groups -
Future Song and Percussion Paradise - including a number of JAZZPAR Soloists:
Aina Kemanis, Hans Ulrik, Eivind Aarset, Elvira Plenar, Klavs Hovman, Audun Kleive, Lisbeth Diers,
Benita Haastrup, Birgit L�kke Larsen, Palle Mikkelborg, Anders Jormin, Josefine Cronholm and Fredik Lundin.
Mazur is no newcomer to the JAZZPAR Project. She performed at The JAZZPAR 1994 Event
and she has been nominated for The Prize in 1998 and 1999. Among her many releases
"Circular Chant" (Storyville) with her Pulse Unit specially assembled for the JAZZPAR Event 1994
is one praised documentation of her art.
Mazur always seems remarkable honest and devoted with her art - the rich colors of her music and
her performances are never the result of gimmicks. She has involved herself in daring projects based
on musical curiosity and personal friendships rather than fast turnovers and easy life.
At the JAZZPAR Concerts 2001 we experienced some different constellations showing
various aspects of Marilyn Mazur. Instead of a cornucopia of orchestras and equipment
it was important for this Prize Winner that all musicians participating would be given space to show
what they could and what they had most at heart.
The American magazine Down Beat selected Mazur as a "talent deserving wider recognition"
in their critics poll 1989, 1990, 1995, 1997 and 1998. She has been nominated twice prior
to now winning The JAZZPAR Prize in 2001. A major intention of this prize being to encourage
jazz artists who are specially deserving of further acclaim.

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