Mark Burgess
The Kings Lock, Middlewich, Cheshire, England
10th July 2021

Church Audio CA14 Cardoids + Roland R-07 >
Micro SD HC Card > PC > CD Wave Editor >
Track Split > FLAC (Level 8) > Traders Little
Helper > Dime

First Set
01.The Healer
02.Pleasure And Pain
03.The Fan And The Bellows
04.Nathan's Phase
05.On The Beach
06.Anyone Alive?
08.I Love You, You Bastard
09.Think (It's Going To Happen)

Seconds Set
11.Thursday's Child
12.Paper Tigers
14.New Beginnings
16.Is It Any Wonder
17.Soul In Isolation
18.Second Skin
19.Beat The Boat
20.Swamp Thing

138:16 mins

This was the second night at the Kings Lock for Mark, his
first outings since lockdown started and Mark was joined
on electric guitar by Chameleons Vox drummer Stephen Rice.
This was quite an emotional night for a number of reasons for
most people not just my own as it was probably the first gig
that people have been able to attend since early last year due
to we all know what. Mark was on form and was happy to chat
about each song before he played it giving a bit of insight
as to how they came about. This is a pretty listenable recording
although there is quite a bit of audience chatter at times
and some of it is a bit loud but there were a few happy drunks
there, so please enjoy.