Mark Erelli, Lynn Miles & Hayes Carll
Perron 55, Venlo
The Netherlands

L1 Radio, Hubert On The Air
Broadcasted in two parts 2014-01-20 (tr 1-14) and 2014-02-03 (tr 15-28)

Fm (digital cable) > (analog) HD 24/48 > 16/44.1 > Flac 8 (TLH)

Recorded, volume normalized, tracked, gaps removed and resampled with Magix ACL

In the second part of the broadcast several little gaps showed up
They are removed but some of them can still be heard as a little click

Mark, Lynn & Hayes are mostly playing their songs solo
Some songs they play together

The concert took place in the period of the year a lot of people in the south of the Netherlands
are celebrating Carnaval. Mark, Lynn and Hayes are talking about that some times

Complete broadcast, don't know if it's the complete show


01 Station call & intro Hubert
02 Undone (ME)
03 Over You (LM)
04 Hey baby Where You Been (HC)
05 Evening's Curtain (ME)
06 Flames Of Love (LM)
07 Talk (HC)
08 ? (HC)
09 Imaginary Wars (ME)
10 Black Flowers (LM)
11 Talk (HC)
12 Arkansaw Blues (HC)
13 Talk: Carnaval (ME,LM)
14 Pilgrim Highway (ME)
15 Talk (LM)
16 1000 Lovers (LM)
17 Talk (HC)
18 Wish I Hadn't Stayed So Long (HC)
19 Volunteers (ME)
20 Map Of My Heart (LM)
21 Take Me Away (HC)
22 Tired Eyes (ME)
23 ? (HC)
24 ? (ME)
25 Casinos El Camino (LM)
26 Little Rock (HC)
27 Intro Passing Trough (ME)
28 Passing Trough (ME)
29 Unravel (LM)
30 Long Way Home (HC)
31 Applause
32 Carmelita (LM)
33 ? (LM)

Need some help with the setlist


2014-02-10 upload to Dime by gadogado