MARK KNOPFLER (Dire Straits) - LONDON 1996,( stunning audience recording with extra's and samples) 1996-05-24

Royal Albert Hall, London, U.K., 1996-05-24*

* note: please see the letters at the foot of the setlist for some other added venue, dates and extra's

great audience recording VG+

Quality 5+ , scale (1-6)


CD 1

01 Darling pretty
02 Walk of life
03 Imelda
04 The bug
05 Rüdiger
06 Je suis désolé
07 Calling Elvis
08 I'm the fool
09 Last exit to Brooklyn
10 Romeo and Juliet
11 Sultans of swing

CD 2

01 Done with Bonaparte
02 Water of love ( the "'96 new version")
03 A love idea
04 Vic and Ray
05 Father and son
06 Golden heart
07 Cannibals
08 Telegraph road
09 Brothers in arms
10 Money for nothing

CD 3

01 No can do [A]
02 Are we in trouble now
03 Going home

04 You really got me [B]
05 Hawaiian lullaby [B]
06 Hawaiian lullaby 1 [C]
07 Hawaiian lullaby 2 [C]

[A] Shepherd's Bush Empire - London UK - 25th May 1996


[B] Circus Krone - Munich Germany - 26th June 1996

[C] Circus Krone - Munich Germany - 24th June 1996

**Notice: the bonus tracks are having a less sound quality, but still very nice to have!!(Enlight)


J.V.Tol additional Comments :

Excellent audience recording; the best of the London 1996 RAH "Golden Heart" concerts.

Great versions of a lot of songs!!

some rare songs like "Vic and Ray" and "Are we in trouble now".

Electra Strings joining the band on some songs

special guest Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings on "Water of love". ( the "'96 new version")

Also included a bonus song from other concerts; "No can do" from the day after this concert,

"You really got me" played by Jim Cox on accordion from Münich same year,

and three different versions of "Hawaiian lullaby".
One live version and two different pre-recorded tape versions that was played also in Münich.


Tripod (ds-trade) Comments:

Absolutely perfect audience recording!

This is without any doubt the best audience recording I've ever heard.

The sound quality is so good that you might think it's a soundboard recording.

The concert is great as well (as always), with some rather rare songs like Vic and Ray and Are We In Trouble Now.

The extra tracks from Munich and London are very nice too, with three versions of Hawaiian Lullaby and a short piece of You Really Got Me, played by Jim Cox on his "Rock Accordion".

This is a must have recording.


Great show, great guitarplaying, great quality!!!

Excellent Darling Pretty, ImeldaThe Bug, Sultans of Swing. David Rawlings and an unkown woman (which was a support of this MK show) joined the band on Water of Love (anyway, wonderful performance of this song, she sings as a backing vocal)

.............. WOW I cannot tell what i feel when I listen to this recording. I have just nothing to say more. It's perfect.

Rare songs,


Just clear perfection.

It's the best bootleg from Golden Heart tour and one of my best bootlegs ever.


Enlight Comment:

Uhhh.... yeah, i did add two samples, incase you don't believe those fellows's comments above :-)

Art , flaclog . and MD5 included

Take Care and Enjoy,