Mark Knopfler - Milk and Cookies in Amsterdam 2001. Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, Holland 2001-06-19. (Enlight 2013 Remaster VCR013-31/2) samples included

Mark Knopfler
Heineken Music Hall,
Amsterdam, Holland
19th June 2001

_____________________________ An Enlight 2013 Remaster____________________________

format: 2CDs
source: audience

CD 1 (VCR013-31)

1. Calling Elvis

2. Walk Of Life

3. Bonnie Banks O'Loch Lomond

4. What It Is

5. Romeo and Juliet

6. Sultans Of Swing

7. Done With Bonaparte

8. Who's Your Baby Now

9. Sailing To Philadelphia

10. Junkie Doll

CD 1 (VCR013-32)

1. Pyroman

2. Speedway At Nazareth

3. Telegraph Road

4. Brothers In Arms

5. Money For Nothing

6. So Far Away

7. Wild Theme (Local Hero)

Comment J.V.Tol:
Very nice audience recording of the last concert in Amsterdam.
The sound is good, but sometimes there is a little distortion on the high volume parts.
Complete setlist.

In the Heineken Music Hall, consumption coins can be bought.
These coins feature the name of the artist and the date when they played there.
On the pictures (included in the download folder) and one below,
the special Mark Knopfler coin can be seen that was used for buying consumptions during the Amsterdam concerts on 17th, 18th and 19th June 2001.

An Enlight remastered version of a great and last show by Mark and his band performed in Amsterdam 2001, near my hometown, that tour.

This remaster went to many different stages, and at the end it came out more powerfull, which it deserved.
(this no disability to the orig taper , no taper no my big thanks to the original taper and uploader)
Unfurtunately the pre-amp distortion couldn't be fixed

Please don�t upload/share the Enlight Remastered versions with the original existing cover-art somewhere else, this can mix things up!!
so if you do , please do it without the original cover-art ........or the matching art if one exists

Feel free to make a cover-art for this Enlight 2013 Remaster version "Mark Knopfler - Milk and Cookies in Amsterdam 2001",
and attach it in comment section, it will be highly appreciated. ( i guess and hope i can count on somebody .......:-)

Oh yeah the title,.... as some of you may know i "create" a title most of the time for my remasters to avoid mix-up with original or previous
versions of that same show.
This title came up when listening to Mark talking to the audience during this show, offcourse it had to do with no drinking
Heineken beer....Wel you wil figure it out.

Hopefully you like this remaster, offcourse there are the the samples, so nobody wil be hurt.

thx to Jeroen for the consumption coins pics!!!

Enjoy,relax and stay healthy

Enlight (2013-04-08)

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